Often we’ve heard that quality is more important than quantity. Well, I disagree. Not every time. Sometimes quantity is required to get to the desired quality.

When you start to learn something new, let’s say painting (or any activity that requires you to learn a new skill) unless you belong to the 1% genius mind, one can’t expect the first piece to be a masterpiece.

And TBH, isn’t a masterpiece supposed to be a high-quality output?? But if you’d not invested your efforts in those quantities (that went into every other piece which didn’t make it to the exhibition shelf), how do you expect a masterpiece to be produced?

Those first few shitty drafts (can’t get this phrase out of my mind, you’ll understand if you have read “Bird by Bird” ;P) are important in the process of a masterpiece.

A few days ago, I had this thought that daily writing might be lowering the quality of my blog. I felt that I was not able to connect with my readers and may just spam them by pushing articles on a daily basis. I did not want to turn into a writer version of Himesh Reshammiya (Indians would get it). And thus thought of taking a break from daily blogging.

Later that day, I happened to talk to one of my close friends about this thought bogging my mind (with life being so monotonous these days we do not have anything better to discuss).

He said, “Listen, all full-time writers have a calendar block to write on a daily basis. And I am talking about the Bestseller writers here. So if they try to achieve quantity first, you should be no different”. He continued, “Ruskin Bond writes daily, Haruki Murakami — daily, Adam Grant — daily. I hope you notice the simple pattern here”.

This statement got me convinced with the rationale of the “Quantity over Quality” approach. Finally, I decided that I should continue to write daily and hope to achieve my year-end resolution which is to write till Dec 31st.

P.S~ Keep Smiling!!

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