As Benjamin Franklin said -

Early to bed, early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

We have known this for ages. However, I feel we concentrate primarily on the “Early to rise” part and not on the line prior to it.

TBH, I’ve been a midnight owl for 11 years now and it was just getting aggravated. Thanks to the fascinating invention of our age: Social media. Moreover, I am not one of those who are a natural morning person, folks who just cannot stay in bed, post the sunrise. I, on the other hand, prefer to let the sun rise in peace and not disturb it with my morning routine :P.

However, whenever I’ve opted to wake up early (by early, I mean 04:00 am), I’ve reaped benefits. Be it during my time at school or at college, I knew if I am getting bogged down doing any work late at night, it can be sorted if I work on it early in the morning. (2 hours work done in just 15 mins, shocking, right??)

During the last 2 months, I’ve been trying to wake up early. Honestly, for the first few days, it was difficult. Primarily because I kept myself glued to the phone till 2:00 am. Now, ditching my schedule so much, how do I expect my body to show compassion??

Hugely unfair!

It has been close to 40 days now that I have been able to wake up at 5:30 am, every single day.


I retire to bed at around 10:45 pm. This helps me wake up fully refreshed and charged.

To summarize, there are 2 mandates to wake up early:

  1. Sleep early. Ya sounds simple. Doesn’t it? This is THE KEY secret. Believe me, it’s the only input to bring you into the “Early Riser League” and help you to reap its benefits.
  2. Never trim down the continuous stretch of time you should aim to sleep at night. The piecemeal approach does not work here. If you want to have a good mental health to be able to cherish life’s beauty, 7 hours of continuous sleep at night is a must.

Borrowing from the ever great Benjamin Franklin yet again to end my piece: “The early morning has gold in its mouth”!!

P.S~ Keep Smiling!!

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