As chirpy as a bird,

Even silences with me won’t be awkward,

I feel woozy in the sun,

And I struggle taking treadmill runs,

An Engineer by profession, you will say what fun??

I party, wear poetry and my talks are full of puns,

So wavy with my words,

I cherish life’s zigzag turns,

Sometimes I too do pity-party,

Next moment, I wash it down with my bacardi,

To me, past is a dalliance,

Life and I are a beautiful alliance!!

P.S~ Keep Smiling!!

History has always been a subject in my good books. While most folks hated reading about the historical events of the Mughal Empire, the advent of English in India, and finally India’s fight for independence, I always approached this subject as a story that provided me a break from the…

Well, let’s talk about a not so talked event, International Men’s day. My feminist friends were like whaaaa?? The whole world is dominated by patriarchy. Why do we need one more day to rub it in our face? You may also fall in a category who is unable to digest…

Every year during Oct-Nov I take a two-week vacation to enjoy time with my family. And I’m delighted to work in a firm which encourages this habit. So, coming back to it, it’s a routine for me. However, this year the vacation happened but in a different style. No booking…

Shivani Jha

A hooman surrounded by a bricolage of emotions!!

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